If you want to highlight the high status of business trips, you would better choose the rental of Mercedes C 180. Perfect shape, amazing handling, and business class comfort: this car gives confidence and provides a qualitatively new driving experience.

Given the prestige and luxurious exterior, this car is frequently rented for special occasions: transfer service of high-ranking guests, meeting of business partners and investors, visits to official and commemorative events, organization of a wedding cortege, and other.

Interior, driving features

High level of sound insulation, ergonomics and 2-zone inner climate control allow fully enjoying your trip. In such a setting, you can relax after a hard flight, get tuned to productive and important meeting or hold a phone conversation. It all depends on the occasion for which the vehicle is rented and personal preferences of passengers.

All inner seats in Mercedes C 180 are heated and adjustable. When setting a baby seat, you will not have problems because there is a special fixing system in the car. The improved suspension of Mercedes C 180 moves smoothly even on the roads, which conditions are far from ideal.

Parking sensors and navigation showing a route on the screen, sliding out from the central part of the control panel, are designed to make driving easier and safer.

For easy placement of personal items there are all sorts of pockets, compartments, and glove compartments. Suitcases and bags will reach the destination in the proper state thanks to the special fixing nets and hooks located in the trunk.

Safety and environmental friendliness

The ABS will take care of car stability, despite the braking conditions. Blue EFFICIENCY is the brand-new technology implemented in Mercedes C 180. It provides environmental safety and efficient usage of the vehicle, reducing the amount of emissions and fuel consumption. The safety system in this Mercedes model is presented by brake assist and antispin brake control systems, airbags, active head rests, front and rear head curtains.

Main specifications of Mercedes C 180

• type – saloon

• transmission – automatic

• drive – rear

• acceleration up to 100 km/h – 8.9 s

• fuel consumption: city/highway/mixed – 8.7/5.0/6.4 l

• number of seats – 5

• trunk capacity – 475 liters


• 2-zone climate control

• audio system with CD and MP3