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The restaurant and bar “Cococo” is the project of Sergei Shnurov, his wife and the famous farm cooperative LavkaLavka where they try to show the new tendencies in St Petersburg’s cuisine culture.

The haute cuisine from chef Igor Grishechkin is based on organic seasonal products from local farmers and modern culinary techniques. He reinvents traditional recipes and creates the new concepts where familiar tastes are reborn in new textures, forms and combinations. The wine list includes wines from both the Old and New Worlds, as well as original Russian wines and homemade infusions for those who like strong spirits.

The Cococo menu is based on local farm products. The main concept is to be «seasonal»: each seasonal menu consists of products that farmers of the Leningrad region harvest at the moment. We are in constant search of new quality products and we personally meet and establish connections with each producer. Russian culinary traditions along with modern technologies help us to rethink the national idea of food — and that is what we call the «new Russian cuisine»

Working hours: Monday-Thursday, Sunday 12:00-00:00, Friday-Saturday 12:00 till last guest

Address: 8, Nekrasova

Subway: Chernishevskaya, Primorskaya

Details of the service:

Cuisine: Russian, signature

Average check: 1000-1500 rub

Number of rooms: 2 rooms, 70 covers

Pay: cash/credit card


Saint Petersburg

Rules of provision

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