Book a table at PURI restaurant

The special feature of this authentic restaurant is the impressive variety of Caucasian and Uzbek dishes. Everything one can cook in a tandoor oven! The restaurant has managed to combine the best traditions of service offered by the Ginza Project and the generous eastern Dastarkhan.

Whether your soul begs for a noisy party or, on the contrary, for thoughtful solitude, the Puri restaurant’s interiors, created by designer Andrei Tsygankov, offer plenty of things to choose from. Noisy groups would prefer comfortable sofas, while those looking for a private dinner could choose a table in a cozy corner.

Working hours: 12:00-01:00

Address: 17 Industrial Prospekt, build. 1-A

Subway: Ladozskaya

Details of the service:

Cuisine: Uzbek, Georgian, Oriental

Average check: 1000-1500 rub

Number of rooms: 1 room (130 covers)

For children: kids menu

Pay: cash/credit card


Saint Petersburg

Rules of provision

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