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The Chekhov - a restaurant with an authentic Russian soul.

The continuity of eras

Contrary to the dynamic reality of fast moving life, the Chekhov Restaurant is dominated by the tranquil atmosphere of the noble manor of the late XIX century. Just like in those times, the air here is sweet with the odors of cherry liqueur, and guests are engaged in a slow idle conversation concerning weather and the reason for being while having a cup of tea or a glass of a good wine. This mood is to be found literally in every detail in the restaurant, beginning with the vintage lampshades decorating the floor lamps, to the menu, which represents an antique book with the description of meals typical for that epoch.

Classic and haute cuisine

The cooks have breathed new life into the original recipes of Russian cuisine. The best products are traditionally used to prepare meals and the cooking process itself represents a mystery to which the cooks give much attention. In the Chekhov Restaurant you will literally enjoy your meal and this feeling will be strengthened by a good choice of an aperitif and a digestive.

Intimate atmosphere

The Chekhov Restaurant is an amazing place priceless to the Russian soul. Foreign visitors are astonished and in admiration of the restaurant as well. The interior cannot be named as deliberately luxurious. On the contrary, its modesty creates a homelike atmosphere and adds a special intimacy. Dark oak furniture, massive buffets with homemade pickles, a gramophone and a white piano, frayed book covers on the shelves - all these contribute to the feeling you get that you hear the rustling of the skirts of young ladies returning from a promenade.

If you feel the special mood of the restaurant and if you realize that sometimes you need such emotions and a relaxing time for yourself in the middle of a hectic city, come over to the Chekhov. Here you can always count on a warm welcome and good cuisine.

Working hours: 12 pm - 12 am

Address: Petropavlovskaya Street, 4

Subway station: Petrogradskaya


Cuisine: signature, Russian, Ukrainian

Average bill: 1000-1500 rub.

Discount: 5%

Accommodation: two halls - 54 seats

Payment: cash payment/credit cards