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The Aragvi is a restaurant located on the Fontanka Embankment. It welcomes all the Georgian cuisine connoisseurs. Noteworthy is that all traditional dishes here are cooked using signature recipes which have remarkable European accents.

Welcoming atmosphere

The Aragvi Restaurant has become a favorite spot for citizens and foreign guests. This place irrevocably captivates with its cozy and noble interior which literally exudes dignity and tranquility. The abundance of live plants, the walls painted in light shades with shelves full of wooden kitchenware hanging on them, the decorative fireplace resembling stoves that can be seen in the Georgian houses - all these favor a pleasant pastime.

The menu of the attentive host

You will also be impressed by the menu. Here you can have a taste of classical Georgian dishes recreated with a whole new approach. For eight consecutive years now the chef offers the guests of the restaurant the extraordinary Georgian-European homemade delicacies. For example, the achechili starter is cooked according to the family recipe which is handed down from generation to generation.

The semi-finished products are not used in the Aragvi, and all of the products are selected personally by the chef - that’s why all the meals here are extremely tasty and fresh. Here you can taste tender meat cooked on a grill, homemade khachapuri (the Georgian cheese bread) with a soft dough without margarine and kharcho soup without butter. The local cuisine is not only delicious, it is also healthy, which is important for those who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Sweet and strong

For those who have a sweet tooth, the Aragvi offers a homemade jam from dogwood, grape and nuts, a very tasty baklava and a sweet-smelling churchhela. The diverse wine list has a choice of aperitifs and digestives. Here you will find various kinds of white and red wines, both brand and homemade. Those who love strong spirits will certainly appreciate the traditional chacha.

The peaceful atmosphere, the extraordinary cuisine, the top-class choice of drinks, the hospitality of the owners. The Aragvi Restaurant is happy to welcome its haunters and the new guests who enjoy a pleasant pastime and tasty treats.

Working hours: 11 am - 11 pm

Address: Fontanka Embankment, 9

Subway station: Gostiny Dvor


Cuisine: Georgian

Average bill: 1000-1500 rub.

Accommodation: 1 hall 45 seats