Cleaning of facades is a gradual cleaning of the facades of buildings in compliance with the safety and the use of modern detergents. Cleaning facades means perfect cleaning of facade elements, even in hard to reach places.

A list of works carried out with the washing and cleaning of facades

  • cleaning the facade of the building from dust, dirt deposits, soot, rust (using specialized high-pressure cleaners)
  • removal of wall saltpetre (using the proven highly effective chemical means and modern technology)
  • removal of organic contaminants (mold, mildew)
  • cleaning the facade area from residues of construction mixes and other tracks of repairing
  • handling purified facade by specialized protective agents against the imminent pollution, moisture and other external aggression

Cost of services

It specifies the minimum price for the service corresponding to these criteria: a smooth matte or brick facade.

The price of a service can be increased depending on the material and the height of the facade.