Rental of tilt-covered trucks is one of the most popular services in the car segment. These cars are characterized by excellent technical and handling features, so their rental is so relevant among both companies and businesses.

Scope of usage

Such a car is rented if there is a need to control the access to the goods through the sealing of goods or for its protection against precipitation impact and other external factors. Thus, some food products, household appliances, construction materials, and furniture are carried.

Advantages of tilt-covered GAZelle rental (van)

Tilt-covered GAZelle (van) rental provides a lot of advantages:

  • good maneuverability and the ability to move without restrictions even in the city center
  • fuel efficiency
  • easy driving, usage, and servicing
  • solid and reliable design
  • diversity of models allows you to choose the best option. We offer a tilt-covered GAZelle (van) with different capacities (from 11 up to 86 cubic meters) and length (from 4 m up to 13.6 m).
  • ability to rent a car at a convenient time for you

Note: when ordering a car with side loading (3 tons, 5 tons and 10 tons), a vehicle is considered as open.