The Academic Chapel n.a. Glinka

The chapel n.a. Glinka is one of the biggest concert organizations in Russia. Today it unites the Symphonic Orchestra, The Choir, and the Concert Hall with splendid acoustic an antique pipe organ. You’ll get enormous aesthetic enjoyment not only from the concert programme of the Chapel, but also from observing of its building, which is the architectural monument of the XIX century.

What’s on

“The Royal Military Parade” and “The Tales of Hoffmann” are performed, evenings of piano music are also held and the State Academic Russian Orchestra n.a. Andreev plays here. The symphonic orchestra of the chapel perform pieces from “Evita” by Webber, “Times of the Year in Buenos Aires” by Piazzolla and the jazz suite by Zfasman.

Exhibitions, festivals and report concerts of musical schools are also held here. The Chapel’s Choir is considered to be one of the best singing groups in the world.

Tips and theatre regulations

When should one come?

Ineffective inner layout and narrow corridors lead to blocks of crowds of visitors. But if you come in advance, there won’t be such an inconvenience. One tip: the Chapel’s yards are perfect for walking and romantic meeting. You can go to the Palace Square, to the Church of the Spilled Blood, walk through the Italian Street to the Circus.

Where to have a snack? In the Academic Chapel there are crush bars (as well as WC) on each floor. Want to get to the crush bar faster? Choose your seats in the left balcony.


It’s quite easy to get to the Academic Chapel.

Route taxi, buses. By going along the Nevsky Avenue, go out at the nearest stop at the Moyka embankment. Go along the embankment to the house number 20, it is the Chapel itself.

Metro. The endpoint is the metro station “Nevsky Avenue”. Then you should go to the Admiralty up to the cross of the Avenue and the Moyka embankment. Follow the even side of the street with the decreasing numeration of houses and soon you’ll see the Chapel.

Own car. There is no special parking lot near the Chapel, but very often you can park at the embankment itself without any problems.


The main hall of the Chapel is safely the ideal of acoustic. The genial architectural decision: floors and ceiling of the hall are constructed as a violin belly, brings perfect resonance.

The decoration of hall is not less magnificent. The central adornment of the hall is the antique pipe organ. The gala design in light colours and gilded elements are extremely charming in summer, when the sunshine fills the hall. But the exacting viewers point out, that sometimes the hall is not very comfortable because of lack of ventilation.

To continue

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