The Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre (main stage)

The Tovstonogov Russian State Academic Bolshoi Drama Theatre is the centre of the cultural life of Saint Petersburg. Formerly there was Maly Emperor Theatre. Nowadays BDT is proved to be one of the most beautiful theatres not only in the Northern Capital, but also in the whole world.

What’s on

Famous talented actors (A. Freindlich, O. Basilashvili, Z. Sharko, N. Usatova) and budding stars perform at this stage. BDT playbill is manifold: Russian and world’s classics, the modern drama.

The plays “Uncle’s dream”, “The Summer of one year”, “War and peace”, “What to do?”, ‘The Human” gained special favor of the audience.

Directions and parking

The main stage of the Bolshoy Drama is situated at the Fontanka embankment in the central district of the Northern capital. So there is no problem to get there by urban transport:

  • from metro station “Gostinny Dvor”, “Nevsky Avenue”: go along the Nevsky Avenue up to Fontanka, turn to the right at the embankment. You can see the theatre after the first bridge.
  • from metro stations “Sadovaya” and “Sennaya Square”: You can also get to BDT, but the route will be much more complicated.
  • the alternative will be the route from metro stations “Vladimirskaya” and “Dostoevskaya”: go along the Zagorodny Avenue up to the Jambool lane, turn to the right and go as far as it will go.

Useful information for drivers: there is a free parking lot between the theatre and Lenizdat. Usually, the parking place is easy to find at the embankment itself.

Peculiarities and regulations of BDT

Where to have a snack? To avoid mess in the crush bar during intermissions, book the table before the performance and it will be served for you between the acts.

Conditions for people with special need Architectural peculiarities of the theatre let special conditions for such spectators: special entrance to the Small stage and lift for spectators with special need. Separate WCs are situated at the left side of the 2nd and 3d row of the ground.

Luxury and glamour

Recent full repair eliminated old drawbacks of finishing and brought glamor back. The Bolshoy Drama Theatre has been always famous for its luxurious interiors and exquisite decoration. The magnificent marble stair lighted with antique lanterns, decoration, sparkling with gild, ceilings furnished with finest chandeliers create festive atmosphere.

The small theatre museum, keeping the history of the Bolshoy Drama carefully, is situated in the foyer. Here there are unique archive materials: drafts for performances, made by famous artists of the theatre, colour and black-and-white negatives, wide collection of playbills, booklets, programmes, autographs of significant persons of our culture.

Pleasant aftertaste

You can support aesthetic enjoyment by bright gastronomic impressions. The nearby restaurant “Erivan” is perfect for this mission. By the way, by booking a table beforehand through our call-centre you’ll get 5 % of the check to your cell phone.