The Maly Drama Theatre

Just right in the heart of Saint Petersburg there is its main adornment – the Maly Drama Theatre. In 1998 it gained the status of “Theatre of Europe”. This status, beside the Maly Drama, belongs only to “Piccolo” of Milan and “Odeon” in Paris.

What’s on

The art director and head of the theatre – Lev Dodin managed to gather fantastic cast of stage directors and actors. The famous players E. Boyarskaya, K. Rappoport, D. Kozlovsky, P.Semak perform here. More than once, the plays of the Maly Drama theatre were marked by the “Golden Mask”.

Here you can watch magnificent productions of Shakespeare and Shiller. The Russian classics “Cherry Garden”, “Three sisters”, “Uncle Vanya”, “The Devils” enjoy great popularity as well as “Warsaw Melody” and “Love’s Labours Lost”. The repertoire of the theatre includes plays even for young spectators: “Snow Queen”, “Lord of the Flies” and “Crow”

Tips and theatre regulations

  • How to buy a ticket? There is always a full house in the Maly Drama Theatre, so you’d better to book tickets in advance.
  • How to choose a ticket? The ground here has only 13 rows. There is a secret: you can buy any ticket for any row up to the 10th, except outside seats, because there is not a full observation of the stage. Seats in last three rows will also give incomplete observation.
  • Where to have a snack? The crush bar is conventional: snacks, alcohol, coffee and sweets. There is one peculiarity: you have nothing to seat here. The tip: there are several perfect restaurants nearby. It’s not appropriate to go there during the intermission, but supper after the performance will bring a lot of joy.
  • Note to visitors. There sub-titles for foreigners during some performances.


By metro. Near the theatre there are Vladimirskaya and Dostoevskaya metro stations. If you get out in Dostoevskaya, it’s better to cross the Vladimirskaya square and go down the cognominal avenue following decrease of house numeration. Coming up to the cross with the Grafsky alley, turn into it and go up to the cross with the Rubinstein street. The necessary address – 18 Rubinstein street.

By other urban transport. One can get to the Maly Drama Theatre by trolley № 1,5, 7, 10, 22, by bus № 3,7,22,27 or by tram № 28.

By own car. There is a big probability, that you can’t find a parking place in the Rubinstein street. The alternative is a paid parking lot of the Vladimirsky Passage.

Atmosphere of the theatre

The Maly Drama Theatre, in spite of its wide fame, is still intimate and cozy. There is no deliberate orotundity, and during the performances one can literally touch the actors. The close proximity of actors, their talented performance let all the viewers be a part of the play.

There are two stages in the theatre: the main and chamber. The main stage displays famous directions and classical plays. The small stage is a kind of experimental ground, where one can watch directions made on little known and even controversial pieces.

Nearby restaurants

The great epilogue of the theatrical evening will be the visit to the restaurant with the haute cuisine “Palkin”, “Waterloo”, the panoramic restaurant “Moscow”, the pub-restaurant “Beerreria”. By booking through our call-centre you’ll get 5 % of the check to your cell phone.