St. Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy

The Theatre of Musical Comedy is one of the oldest theatres of St. Petersburg. It is located on the Arts Square - right in the epicenter of cultural events and places to visit in St. Petersburg. Its location near to the Philarmonia, the State Russian Museum and the Mikhailovsky Theatre creates an unparalleled artistic atmosphere and anticipates a real aesthetic pleasure.


The Theatre of Musical Comedy’s repertoire is very diverse. The audience can enjoy «Mister X», «Die Bajadere», «Silvia», «Madame Pompadour», «The Merry Widow», «The Count of Luxembourg» and many other performances. Children will definitely appreciate «The Teremok» and «Alladin» performances, «Jekyll and Hyde» and «Dance of Vampires» musicals and even the ballet. Here you can enjoy listening to the Broadway hits «The Best of Musicals» and watching the international gala-concerts.

Rules of attendance and tips

How to choose a ticket? Some frequent theatre-goers advise that seats are not very comfortable in the stall, and second and third rows of the upper circle offer only a partial view on the stage. The tiered stalls offer comfortable seats and enough space between each row.

How to avoid queues in the cloakroom? The performances are often held at both stages simultaneously so a long queue in the lobby and in the cloakroom is quite a usual thing. Tip: those who have rented opera glasses are served out of turn.

Where to eat? The local concession stand and restaurant may disappoint those who like having a meal for affordable price. Tip: if you would like to eat at the theatre, make sure you have cash because credit cards are not accepted here.

How to give flowers? You may give the bunches of flowers to the personnel (for example, checkers) - they will give them to the actors.

How to get there?

The central location of the theatre makes it easy to be reached. It can be easily reached by the public transport:

  • From Gostiny Dvor subway station: by buses № 3, 7, 22, 24, 27, 191 or by trolleybuses № 1, 5, 7, 10, 11, 22

  • To the Arts Square stop: by routed taxicab № K107, K289.

Car owners will definitely appreciate that there is free parking just on Italyanskaya Street. The paid parking is located just on the same street before turning to the Arts Square

Imperial interior

Once in The Theatre of Musical Comedy, you are puzzled: are you in the theatre or in the museum? The decoration of the halls, the grand staircase and the lobby is just splendid, gorgeous and elegant. The abundance of diverse details, wooden and gilded finishing touches, magnificent shimmering chandeliers - all these tell us about the great past of this building and the longstanding history of the theatre itself.

Dinner in a good restaurant

It is definitely a good idea to book a table in one of the restaurants nearby well in advance to ensure that the visit to the theater will be followed by a gourmet dinner. In this case, you should not worry about the available tables. Making a reservation using our call-center, you can get 5% of the total of the bill transferred to your mobile phone account as a pleasant bonus. The following places are surely worth visiting: The Tsar, The Gus-Gus, The Baku, Jaime’s Italian, The Pacman, The Katyusha.