The Hermitage Theatre

The Hermitage Theatre is the oldest building of the Winter Palace complex which survived to this day. It was built in 1787 as the court theatre for the Imperial family and noble guests. Today, every theater-goer who visit this imperial theatre can feel him- or herself noble.


You can enjoy the following performances on the stage of The Hermitage Theater: “Swan Lake” and “Nutcracker” ballets, “Die Fledermaus” operetta, “Rigoletto” and “Peter I, or The Incredible Adventures of the Russian Tsar” operas. Due to the limited stage space, the ballets are performed in shortened adaptations, but this does not deprive the audience of real aesthetic pleasure from watching the performances.

Useful tips

When to come? The hall anticipates general admission. It is advised to come a little in advance to choose the most comfortable seat. Tip: all the seats offer a good visibility.

How to get to an excursion to The Hermitage? Following the afternoon performance, the spectators have the opportunity to walk through The Hermitage Museum until its closing time.

Where to eat? You will surely appreciate the concession stand. Please note: during the intermission there are long queues as a rule.

For your information. There is free WiFi connection.

How to get there?

Even those who are new to St. Petersburg will have no difficulties in reaching The Hermitage Theatre. The Theatre is located in the center of the city. If you wish to go by public transport, then you need to walk from the Admiralteyskaya subway station: first along Bolshaya Morskaya street to the Palace Square, from there turn right on Millionnaya street, right to the Winter Canal.

You can get by car to the Theatre and park on Millionnaya street. Usually there are no problems with the parking. Please note that the entrance to the theatre is from the embankment.

Coziness and celebration of luxury

Despite its ultimate pomposity, The Hermitage Theatre is extremely cozy and comfortable. This intimate Theatre accommodates only 240 persons, and the seats are located in the form of a semi-circular amphitheater with gradually rising rows. Due to this seating, The Hermitage Theatre is considered to be one of the most comfortable in the Northern Capital.

Once you are there, you will get a unique opportunity to watch masterpiece performances and get acquainted with the building of the Theatre Р the architectural monument of XVIII century.

Gastronomic continuation

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