Rent sanitary minivans (Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper) will allow transporting disabled people with proper comfort. These cars have modern specialized equipment indicating full safety and comfort of passengers.

Transportation by the ordinary passenger taxi may adversely affect the patient's health status and exacerbate it. Rental ambulances avoids such developments. Comfortable cars have different capacity that can simultaneously transport to 5 wheelchairs or a bed patient with accompanying.

Taxi features for disabled and bed patients

If you plan to transport a patient lying on a stretcher, seating is organized as follows:

  • 1st row of seats: 1 seat next to the driver and accompanying hospital attendant
  • 2nd row – 3 seats
  • 1 seat for bed patient placed on a stretcher. If such a place is not necessary, it is replaced with seats for accompanying persons.

Each minivan is able to take aboard up to five wheelchairs. Ease of handling is ensured by the lift: as the hydraulic platform or carousel (depending on minivan model). In addition, the proposed taxis are equipped with:

  • wheelchair Н-035
  • lightweight wheelchair LY-800-808A, which is due to the small size (total width 55 cm) makes it possible to travel through narrow passages and the rise in the usual elevator
  • soft and rigid stretchers
  • gurney ТНС-01 ММ
  • warm plaids

The equipment is provided free of charge during the transport.

What is included in the price?

The price includes transportation attendant, baggage, providing the necessary auxiliary equipment, determination of the optimal time for the route through navigator.

The lifting passengers on the needed floor and their delivery to a specific destination (house, apartment, stage and so on.) is carried out by the customer.