A boat trip on the waves of The Neva is one of the most popular and exciting entertainments of St. Petersburg, especially if it is a boat trip on the Larson motorboat.

Comfortable, quick and maneuverable, it will ride as quick as the wind on the surface of the water, will let you stay alone with the majestic city, view it from an unexpected viewpoint and find out its hidden secrets.

Individual scenario

Due to the excellent maneuverability, the high level of ergonomics and the excellent capacity of the motorboat, the journey will be very comfortable. The Larson motorboat is the perfect form of transport for organizing private tours on St. Petersburg rivers and extensive canals network:

  1. The compact and high-speed Larson motorboat will pass without any difficulty even in the place where most ships will not pass. You can compose your own route: take a tour along the Neva river, Malaya and Bolshaya Nevka rivers, go to Kronstadt or Peterhof or take a route along Kirov Central Park and then take a direction to the Leningrad region.
  2. The motorboat can comfortably hold 7-8 passengers, so it can be rented for different purposes: for a romantic date with your soulmate, an exciting pastime with friends or family. Regardless of tastes of participants, all of them will enjoy this idea.
  3. For the convenience of passengers, there are soft leather sofas and a small table in the beak and in the stern of the motorboat.
  4. The mini-bar and music accompaniment provided for by a modern sound system will be a pleasant bonus.
  5. All the belongings which you consider necessary for the journey can be placed in a spacious locker in the beak.

Safety comes first

On the Larson motorboat, special attention is given to safety. To this end, life jackets, fire extinguishers and first aid kits are foreseen. For additional comfort and safety, the motor boat has anti-slip protection and stainless steel handrails located on both sides of the vessel.

Speed, convenience and comfort

Here, all is thought out to the last detail, ensuring that leisure will be not only interesting and comfortable but also safe. The Larson motorboat will be a safe transportation option for a journey along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg.