If you are planning to visit St. Petersburg, do not forget to include a “boat trip” on your to-do list. Such a journey on a modern speedboat will guarantee you vivid and memorable experience, especially if it is comfortable and maneuverable Monterey 240 motorboat. The Monterey 240 motorboat will be a great helper in discovering St. Petersburg beauties and sights.

A motorboat of international fame

The Monterey 240 is produced by an American company which is famous all over the world for its motorboats and yachts with advanced technologies and the best engineering solutions.

This motorboat combines exceptional performance characteristics and modern design. The reliability, ergonomics and dynamics of Monterey 240 are known and honored worldwide.

Undisputed advantages

These benefits are now available to all connoisseurs of boat trips and the beauty of St. Petersburg:

  1. The motorboat can hold maximum 10 persons.

  2. Although there is no passenger room, you and your guests will spend time in comfort, sitting on cozy leather couches in the stern and beak parts of Monterey 240.

  3. The motorboat is equipped with a modern audio system.

  4. The Monterey 240 is convenient not only for making boat trips, but also for celebrating any party in the company of family and close friends. Just invite your girlfriend for a romantic date, make your own unusual route. The beautiful motorboat, the water, the beauty of St. Petersburg and the two of you - your girlfriend’s heart will surely melt.

  5. The Monterey 240 motorboat has all the necessary safety equipment: fire extinguisher, first aid kit, life jackets.

“Free” swimming

The excellent maneuverability and the convenient size of the motorboat will allow you to make a voyage through the canals and rivers of St. Petersburg, to take a route along Kirov Central Park, to go to Kronstadt or Peterhof. By prior arrangement, it is possible to make embarkation and disembarkation of passengers literally on any pier of St. Petersburg.

Taking into account the reliability, comfort, speed and other operational benefits of Monterey 240, there is no doubt that the boat trip will fulfill your expectations.