Olympia motor ship is very popular among citizens and guests of St. Petersburg. The elegant single-deck vessel is just ideal for both organizing excursion tours through the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg and having celebrations. No matter what the occasion is - a voyage on the comfortable motor ship will guarantee you only bright impressions and you will enjoy it very much.

Perfect combination

If you think that it is only the elegant appearance which causes such a popularity of Olympia motor ship, then we are keen to tell you that this vessel has a number of other advantages.

  • Good capacity: the motor ship accommodates up to 40 persons (voyage), up to 30 persons (cocktail reception) and up to 25 persons (banquet)
  • On board, you are provided with an access to 220V, cold and warm water, bathroom, climate control system, audio system with an opportunity to connect to the PC
  • When it is windy, you can wrap yourself in a warm blanket
  • You can choose the route yourself along the Neva, canals and small rivers of St. Petersburg
  • The motor ship has a small draft (up to 0,5 m) which enables it to pass through the shallow and narrow canals, rivers, and also to tie in almost all piers


It is necessary to note the wise planning of a motor ship:

  • Spacious banquet hall with an interior of solid wood in the beak of Olympia motor ship. Instead of ceiling and walls - the panoramic windows, which are prudently toned to hide passengers from the baking heat and peeping eyes. The hall is properly furnished: cozy sofas, tables, chairs
  • Facilities on board include video- and audio equipment, karaoke, LCD panel, air conditioning system
  • The cook-house near to the banquet hall will be at your hand if you are planning to hold a banquet. You can use a refrigerator, microwave, sink and serving tables
  • The open part of a deck in the stern will be just perfect for organizing a small feast. It will also accommodate tourists comfortably

Rent on any occasion

The single-deck Olympia motor ship is perfect for organizing any event. You can organize a celebration of any class and budget. To rent a motor ship is a perfect solution for celebrating graduation, birthday party, wedding, corporate event and so on.