The single-deck Odysseus motor ship is a unique vessel. It can not be categorized as one of the types of vessels, because it was built according to the signature special project. The unique design and the comfortable planning make Odysseus elegant and recognizable.

Relax in comfort

The toned ceiling and the panoramic windows, the spacious and cozy cabin, the spacious open deck - all these guarantee a pleasant pastime full of bright emotions whilst being comfortable at the same time.

The passengers are guaranteed full privacy in the close cabin. They will not be bothered by peeping eyes. Even the command bridge is located outside. The comfort of the gusts is of foremost priority here on board.

What’s inside?

We recommend that you take into account the following advantages of this passenger motor ship:

  • Good capacity: the motor ship accommodates up to 40 persons (voyage), up to 30 persons (banquet) and up to 35 persons (cocktail reception)
  • Perfect equipment: modern video- and audio system with an opportunity to connect to the PC, karaoke
  • Access to 220V
  • Bathroom, cold and warm water, cabin heating system
  • Cozy sofas, tables, chairs in the cabin and on the deck
  • In the center of the open space there is a place for dancing and entertainment
  • Bar counter
  • If needed, you can use the warm blankets
  • Good maneuverability and low draft give you the opportunity to take routs not only along the Neva river, but also along the small rivers and canals of St. Petersburg as well as tie to all piers (by prior arrangement)
  • The affordable price is the last but not the least interesting advantage of renting Odysseus motor ship

You can use this motor ship to organize excursions and various celebrations: graduation parties, anniversaries, corporate events and so on.

Perfect place for a wedding

The vessel is extremely popular amongst newly married couples. Its splendid appearance and elegant interior will turn every celebration into an unparalleled experience.

The comfortable seating of guests, the great technical equipment, the presence of a special place for entertainment and dancing, the picturesque views of St. Petersburg and the calm waves of the Neva - all this will make your party exquisite and guarantee you bright emotions.