Meteor LUX is a high-speed, extremely comfortable motor ship. You can rent it to organize the celebrations of happy events or business conferences. If you need to organize a comfortable delegation transfer or to organize an exclusive boat trip, then it is perfect to rent Meteor LUX motor ship

Good speed and comfort combination

This vessel is perfect for taking a boat trip through the Neva river and the Neva Bay. The high speed performance of Meteor LUX motor ship is achieved by the powerful engine and the vessel’s specific design, including special foils.

In the Meteor, the speed advantages of modern high-speed motor ships and the comfort of luxurious vessels are combined effectively.

In tune with the times

The vessel complies with the extremely high standards and norms. The Meteor LUX is able to guarantee comfortable accommodation for more than 100 passengers. The stern and bow parts are equipped with panoramic windows, which allow you to enjoy the sights of the Northern Capital while sitting in a comfortable chair.

The reasons why should you consider renting The Meteor

  • Total capacity: up to 117 persons
  • 3 closed cabins on the motor ship, including the comfortable VIP-room. It is located on the bow of the ship. It accommodates 26 persons
  • The remaining 2 cabins are equipped with comfortable leather chairs, with small round tables conveniently located nearby
  • For your convenience, the vessel is equipped with a closet and a bar
  • The technical equipment of Meteor LUX motor ship is the following: modern communication, air conditioning, ventilation and sound insulation systems. A great acoustic, video- and audio equipment guarantee the highest level of any festive events and excursions
  • The motor ship is equipped with 2 bathrooms

On board the single-deck Meteor LUX motor ship, you will be able to have a comfortable pastime, watching the dynamic interchanging of the views outside the window and enjoying a spin. Here everyone will feel not just a welcome guest, but a real VIP-person.

It is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages and food which are not approved by the Contractor on board. In case of violation of this rule, the Contractor reserves the right to refuse service to the Customer’s passengers. If passengers are late, the waiting time is paid according to the rate 60000 rub/hour. If passengers are late for more than 15 minutes, the Contractor reserves the right to refuse service to the Customer, and the Customer is not released from the obligation of making full payment for the service.

Basic pier: for arrival/departure of scheduled voyages of Meteor motor ships in St. Petersburg: "Senate pier" (English Embankment, 2), "Palace pier" (Palace Embankment, 36); in Petrodvorets (Peterhof): piers № 1, № 4, in the Lower Park of The State Peterhof Museum Reserve

St. Petersburg - Peterhof or Peterhof - St. Petersburg - Depending on the operation, a fee for an empty run of Meteor motor ship may apply, amounting to 25 000 rubles. The operating hours of the route St. Petersburg - Peterhof - St. Petersburg are from 10 am till 8 pm.

St. Petersburg - Strelna or Strelna - St. Petersburg (including marine pilot service, approach to the pier Strelna is negotiated separately). Empty run of Meteor motor ship amounts to 30 000 rubles.

St. Petersburg - Kronstadt or Kronstadt - St. Petersburg. Empty run of Meteor motor ship costs 60 000 rubles.

If hourly rent is applied on the Customer’s route - Riding at anchor is 30000 rubles/hour. Empty run of Meteor motor ship is 60 000 rubles.